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Preparation for 2009-03-14

posted Mar 9, 2009, 11:29 PM by Anick-Marie Bouchard   [ updated Mar 9, 2009, 11:31 PM by victoria@projectvolunteering.net ]
- Review self-assessment and corrections from my activity report, and find what needs to be discussed within the group (anick) This is still on my to do list on these crazy weeks...
- Organise a chat/skype about the activity with interested people (anick) No time, no timing!
- Prepare a meeting page on CS (anyone) Done
- Collect a list of projects we'd like to build links to, and contact details for them. The list of social/political projects at http://stressfaktor.squat.net/adressen.php would be a good place to start. (anyone)
- Prepare an introduction to the project in Deutsch so that it's ready to introduce ourselves in individual emails to each of these groups - telling them about us, asking for their help, inviting them to meet us, etc. Part of the follow-up activities (any good German speaker)

These two last points are interesting indeed, but not focussed on the local area. It might be worth giving ourselves a really "local" time

Posted in the group about it