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Shower Flood - Sunday 15 June 2009

posted Jun 18, 2009, 9:04 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 20, 2009, 2:40 AM by Lucian Cosinschi ]

19 June 2009 - Friday

The repair crew came by today around 0915 and installed the dryer and de-humidifier.
We have to empty the de-humidifier catch bucket once daily
They will be by once weekly to inspect the equipment and monitor the drying process.
They return Friday 26 June, 2009.

Sebastian sent this to me


Hi everybody,

I write to you about a shower flooding an subsequent water damge in the project Sunday night. I did not feel like putting this on the website like this I did not want this text to appear in online in this form (clearer). I hope I can facilitate understanding here on what happened. The summary is this (redundant): Water went out of a loosened seal below the shower floor for up to 20 minutes into the hallway and the neighbours' wallpaper below and over the
neighbours' wallpaper below  (into awllpaper sounds strange.

I wrote down a detailed version of what Jake, Zuzi and Timmy agreed to what probably has happened and send this to Vicky. I talked with the facility manager who came to the flat , and , with Vicky about administrative things. A bill for demages can be expected and people have no money and no inssurances. How much who pays when to whom does not seem to be clear to me at this point.

Note that Vicky encouraged everybody to get a Haftpflichversicherung, which is a broud   broad and inexpensive general inssurance covering all sorts of things.

Jake saw the damage to the wallpaper Sunday evening when the neighbours from below came up. Jake offered doing the new wallpapers for them and us.

This morning, the Facility manager had yet to decide weather wether or not to bring in drying eqipment for the wall after inspection of the demage.

I felt that I did not take ownership of the project enough as to make sure people have the insurances they need (a German thing to do); though Vicky pointed out it would comes down to one's individual Haftpflichversicherung.

The facility manger reported to the contractor that showering and continued overflooding with water spilling over the top of the shower caused water damage by over flooding after talking to me and Jake this morning. I called him again in the afternoon and I told him that water froom the loose seal beneath the shower floor caused the flooding, not spilling over. He asked me to tell this the contractor, which I then wrote Vicky via facebook.


Sunday 15th June 2009 on 10:00 zuzi took a shower in the bathroom for twenty minutes. Zuzi was the first person to take a shower after Jake cleaned the tubes from hear hair that was clogging the tube with a screw driver (without driving the screw), thereby probably further loosening the screw of the pipe connected to the bottom of the shower. Zuzi also used a gatter gutter for the tube and said there was no hair on the gatter in the gutter (either in the gutter, or on the grate) when she started that would have blocked water from flowing down the tube and spilling over. Zuzi also said she did not feel water raising rising (raising is bread or people)  up nor felt or heard water going over the top.

People in hallway accidentally switched of off the light in the shower and did not hear zuzi shouting for light maybe half way through. Sebastian was in the computer room all day and did not notice anything and maybe 16-18 people played a game in the living room room, not hearing zuzi shout. Someone (Daniel? a US couchsurfer) noticed water coming through beneath the bathroom door; Jake looked at it and said that it does happen that water triples over and not to worry about it, it does happen. No one seemd to notice shower floodining the hallway for up to 20 minutes. For as long as there was light, zuzi did probabley not sea water in the bathroom floor because of the curtain.

Someone walking out of the living room at some point noticed water in the hallway about the same time zuzi stepped out of the shower and noticed she stepped into water. The water appears to have been flowing through the shower floor pipe through the not tight and loose seal into the bottom beneath the shower floor, and from there went into the bathroom and hallway. Water did not spill over the barrior of the shower floor.

Timmy, zuzi, Jake and Sebastian reanacted this scenario Monday morning, demonstrating that with a loose seal from screwing the screw loose with a screwdriver, water from the shower leakes from the seal below the drain. When we tightend up the screw with a screwdriver no water was leaking. Possibly Jake cleaning the pipe with a screwdriver without using the screw drivber on the screw may have further loosed the screw and hence the seal.

Prior to this, the facility manager came and assumed with Jake that water probalby come from the shower by spilling over the top instead of coming through the loose seal, which Jake tightened again after zuzi's shower. Hence we will update the facility manager on what seemed to have happened.

Also, Sebastian and Vicky both thought about getting Haftpflichversicherung and Hausratversicherung for the project and did not follow up on it before.


2009 JUNE 18 1530 HOURS

The HV called me the afternoon and arranged to meet at the flat for around 1500 hours to investigate the damages, if any.
They came and the end result is that we are responsible for  damages and I have to be here in the flat - because I agreed to - between 0800 - 0900 tomorrow, Friday 19 June 2009 in order for the repair crew to install some sort of dryer.   We communicated very well and they were also VERY happy to see we are concerned with overall cleanliness( I tidied up before they came and mopped the floors)

They said they would contact Vicky, but it just so happened that I was available and someone had given them my number, which is acceptable, so I handled the situation.

Any other details, Vicky can relate them via this forum once she is contacted by the HV. 

On another note: my German is so awesome.