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Sleeping bag cover...

posted Jun 25, 2009, 8:51 AM by Anick-Marie Bouchard   [ updated Jun 25, 2009, 8:55 AM by Lucian Cosinschi ]
Not that I mind sharing my sleeping bag.. but it was labelled, with my name and email address on it. Now I'm back and it's out of it's cover, and I can't find the cover anywhere. You might find that silly, but it spoiled a bit my joy of being back in Berlin. The cover costed me more than the sleeping bag and makes a pillow (it's reversible). Where is it? It's black and it's soft inside. My sleeping bag is the green and black one - I'll be using it tonight.

I really don't mind sharing, but knowing who took it would have allowed me to find my pillow quickly.. now I feel not respected. Furthermore, the older cover was lost by someone I lent it too, in a communal apartment, so I feel like the same history repeating. Does anyone care?

: (