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Photography Workshop! Wednesday 18th!

I want to make a quite exhaustive introductory session for all photography beginners.  I want to explain some mecanical processes involved in image taking. This will help to control our cameras a bit better and solve photo taking problems.

I want to discuss basic concepts like the folowing in an intuitive way:

Aperture - (f/2.8  -  f/22) - Av
Speed -  (1/125) - Tv
Exposition -    +/-
ISO (50-1600)
White Balance (Daylight, Tungsten, ...)
Lens mm - lengh
Image format (RAW, jpg, TIFF, ...)
Flash (internal, external)

You can bring a camera and we can work out together what is what function.

Please add yourself to this list and express your day/time preferences. If you can't add yourself to the list send me an email to tau at projectvolunteering dot net.


First workshop:
Assistents Daan and Clayton

Second Workshop:
Assistents Nicolas and Ilona !

If you are interested in this workshop to happen again you can leave a comment or talk to Tau!

 Name  Possible dates / Time
 Interested in what subject,
 want to learn what, comments.
 Tau  weekdays 20h
 weekend at 12h
 About the flash usages
 Manu  saturdays at 12h  Basics, colorizing and composing (I know, it's not photography, but...)
 weekdays 20h
 saturdays at 12h
 Basics first as I have to clue about any technics; the table on the left sounds very interesting for the start!
 Daan      Everythin' except Weekdays 8.20 - 7  Basically the operating of the sony alpha 100
 Clayton          Weekends and Afternoons       Everything.  Good Composition