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Bread Making: Several chapters on exploration about bread tecniques. Every other day. 3.june09 - 20h. Bread session!!! by Daan.

TAU YOUR HAIR : Informal HAIRCUTS for everybody. Alternatively Tuesdays at 8 pm. Reccommended previous confirmation so that I am at home for sure. ASK HER!

CineFocus - "GoodMovies" - Citizen Kane, La Règle du jeu, Battleship Potemkin, Metropolis, Andrei Rubleov. On Thursday evenings

Musically Minded : Meetings organized around music: playing, improvising, learning, discussing, sharing.

Sew Yourself - We have a sewing machine and lots of DO IT YOURSELF
Special sewing session!!!!!
Friday 21st of August 12 - 19 at the Caravan House.

Photography : Let's share our knowledge and experiences about this art!
MorningMeditation : An early beginning to a mindful day; stairwell meditation each morning, 7 am. 

Operation Urban Exploration

POSTERS and SIGNS - Make useful artwork. Posters we need inside.

BlablablART!- Screening and discussion about ART WORK we like.
Open Date yet.

Free Shop - Take what you need, leave what what you dont want. In our living room.

Sustainable Post - Leave letters that you want to send, carry letters going i your direction.
In our living room.

Living Together: A challenge and a motivation

Collective Cooking: Cook together, eat together, stay together!

Common Private Workshop (work still in progress?) sexuality for us

Languaje Learning. How many languages do we know? How many can we learn and teach? Everyday at 14, learning german together!