Selling cakes!

I think it is an interesting experiment to make really tasty and good looking cakes on saturday and go sell them in a hopefully not very cold or rainy Mauerpark on sunday.

The flavors depend on Saturday's market success and our preferences!

Join me if you want to!

The first round of cakes came a little bit late after that Party in The end of the world. Manuel and me made Avokado Schoko kuchen and trauben Kuchen, both experimental and both successful (after the general opinion).

The selling was considerably peinlich due to continuous rain, cold weather and lack of customers. Manuel, Lucian, Daan and Tau, helped around with different tecniques (wizarding and smiling) and we decided:

- Going there earlier next time, at 12 the latest. Bake the night before.
- Doing it only with better weather.

More oportunities in the upcoming weeks!