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´The Caravan Kicker´

Thanks to everyone who participated in the ´The Caravan Kicker´ workshop last night. It was entirely impromptu but a great success. We had 10 people in total including a random person we picked up on the way. For those who weren´t involved...we invaded the toppled caravan on Schönhauser Allee & made it our home for 4 hrs with music & awesomeness. photos to come!!

a few points i liked about it

1. i like doing things which aren´t scheduled. it´s hard for me to schedule time to do things as work commitments mean that i can never guarantee i´ll be free on any specific night so impromtu is good

2. i like people who are willing to participate on an impromtu basis, like the people who were involved when we camped overnight at teufelsberg

3. i like the fact that it was something fun we could do yet it was only about 400 metres away from home and very accessible to everyone

4. i like the fact that we were able to involve so many of our couchsurfers

5. i like the fact that we have plans to go back and decorate it...and i hope we do!!