Starting Febr. 1st 2009 we are living in Schönhauser Allee in a 5 room 140sqm apartment.

The building dates from 1914 so we have high ceilings and big rooms.
We decided for now to divide the space as follows:
1. Biggest room - living room&guest room&workshops room
2. 1st big room - Dormitory
3. 2nd big room- Working room
4. 1st small room - Private (Tau&Daan)
5. 2nd small room - common private & workshop (The purpose of this room is to give the permanent residents a space to be temporarily all alone

The function of the room describes the priority there, it does not limit the use.
We believe that such a division is necessary to make our project both sustainable and effervescent.

The other rooms in the house:
1 kitchen
1 small bathroom (sink, WC)
1 big bathroom (shower,sink,WC, bathtub)
1 strange cornered hallway

Check the archive to see how we got to this place.

Beautiful Kastanienalle/Schönhauser through our window, and why our flat is rather noisy...