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Thulestraße 1

Have a look at the Grundriss and at the offer and at the Map.

Costs - 1600E/ month warm (that includes heating, Nebenkosten, warm water - not electricity or internet - it appears.)
  1.           Kaution 3months / Kaltmiete - 3500E that we can pay in 3 months
  2.           1 Month mietfrei to paint the place (if we want)
  3.           1 Month mietfrei to install kitchen stuff (if we want)

We have to prove that we can cover the rent. That is bringing the documents that show that we earn 50% more than the rent is. There can be several people on the contract (parents, friends etc).
The place has Laminat on the floor and we move right after 'Sanierung' so it is completely new.

No furniture except fixtures in the two bathrooms. Here's the section about furniture.

We were 5 at the meeting: Christian, Lucian, Tau, Daan and Nicolas. We think that the place is good and central enough. (as you can see on the map). It is small but this we can start with at the moment. We can really get this place on the 1st of November. And we can extend afterwards as you'll see.

Con: Quite small - not enough place to live and have things going on at least not at the scale that would make it smooth. However we can rent various other places in the building (we'd be probably the first people to move in)

Also the former bar on the ground floor is 'to rent' - GOAL Services owns the whole place so we can probably work out a contract for more space that would make it easier for us to pay more.
That means that if we move fast and have the support of people around the project CS/HC&BW, etc we can probably rent enough of the place for spaces such that we can organize projects/ skill sharing and workshops. That would be appartments upstairs and downstairs etc.

In terms of possible future development...
What about renting the whole house (meaning the floors above and under what we have)? We'd have about 1000sqm for about 7000E. The house could easily give cover to around 40 people (probably around 30-35 rooms plus a groundfloor Gewerbe. These people would pay an average of 200E/month to get around 25sqm.
Then we can always have a cinema, plenty of workshops, cooking etc all of the same time. Skill sharing etc.
The most problematic at the Basic level might be that we have to provide the proof of our financial abilities. We can be as many as we want on the contract so it is ok if some of us cannot bring any proof. However the best is if there would be people sharing this responsability. In any case - we begin by paying the Kaution the first month that means that in that the risk is already postponed. In three months it would be 3 months away. If you want to know smth ask me.


We have several possibilities - Freeshops online and offline. CS community, FlohMarkt etc (there is a permanent flohmarkt right behind the House.) Here we can add stuff that we need in the house and vote on it.

For Financials etc check here.

For checking our application and also for creating a rent contract we would need the following documents from the people who will be on the contract:


-          A copy of your ID (or passport if you don’t have one) – front and back

-          A copy of your last 3 month’s pay statement or other income statements (plus social support or whatever)

-          A proof that you’re not in debt from your past rent (document from your last landlord) or bank statement from the bank account you paid your former rents with

-          “Schufa” – statement (that’s a German thing to proof that you’re not in depth, you just have to go to this place and simply ask for one)

-          If your parents or someone vouch for you, you need a HANDWRITTEN statement


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Lucian Cosinschi,
Oct 12, 2008, 8:07 AM