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October Deadline

As there appears to be enough interest to try to find a place quickly we have to coordinate our efforts to get it. Here is the place to do it.
@For any technical problems&questions email lucian at projectvolunteering dot net  We're trying to use this site as a forum so we're not sure how well it will do.

Things to do to start:

1.Write about where you would like to be living. Any 'must'  or 'must not'.
As the others join in just update your post. Simply press Edit page at the top and write under I would like. There is an undo button and you can edit again any time.
2. Add the name(s) of people who want to move in the right column under 'People moving in'
3. Add here what else you think we all should do so we can coordinate better.

I would like:

The only limitation I'm up against is money - not much more then 200E. But I am willing to sleep in the smallest room of the house, to share a room even with more people. sleep in the kitchen etc. I am also willing and able to do work for this project - from the website to running around to cleaning up etc.
I don't have any area 'must' but I would prefer the central and north of Berlin.

Well, 200 Euro sounds good, for me a good connection to FU would be cool.
Perfectly for me would be a flat from October on
anything around 200-250E is good in my perspective. I Plan moving there in October and celebrate my birthday the 11th. Will be able to spend much of October fixing things/cleaning, but also need some time to figure out a job of some kind ^^
Regarding placement I am completly obvilous.  

Who's next?

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1. Looking for places
     we can do this 2 ways - checking the websites list and sending an email to agencies with a description of the kind of place we need&want. The letter can me modified&commented on here.
   Add places to this list.
2. Deciding on a place
     What do we need to know?

Who's in for Okt..

People moving in:
Jose (with a month notice)

People helping: Who? Doing what? When?

(We'll have a working calendar here soon as people join)