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1. Temporary place that would house the IG. Seed testing. Regular hospitality activity. Around 200sqm. Around 1500 E/month, no less then 6 rooms.
2. The place. more then 250sqm. See the location discussion.

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  •  'Stage' meaning - 'The place'  - we can have a full project there
  •                                 'Temporary' - we can only gather here in order to continue the search for a better place. It may involve less confortable/project space
  • Add the date (we'll be able to sort of the date for the recent additions)

         If you want to see what are the last places we're seeing sort after 'Just found' and 'On going' and read the notes.
            'Ongoing' means we tried to contact and are waiting for an aswer or something of the sort clarified in 'Notes' column. If you make modification or have news about the place just write it there.

We cleaned a bit such that we can also sort by 1MustSee - for the places that seem esp. nice. Everything that is Gone (for a reason or other)  should be moved to |Interesting|
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 lucian Fabrik/Atelier Interesting 2. The Place Gone a bit too expensive but it may worth seeing it 
 lucian 6Rooms FrankfurterAllee VeryInteresting 1. Temporary On going   
 lucian PrentzlBerg VeryInteresting 1. Temporary Visited We need to make a proposal for it !!!Check the attached file - it is the plan for how it looks at the moment. 
 lucian 8 Rooms Wedding Interesting 1. Temporary On going   
 lucian 6 Rooms Miette Interesting 1. Temporary On going   
 lucian Hermanplatz Interesting 1. Temporary Just found Small (130qm) but also very cheap.. *Is this 62 sqm? 
October 7, 2008 lucian 8Rooms -2 floors Wedding Interesting 1. Temporary Just found 230m around 2000E warm 
 lucian Big place Interesting 2. The Place Gone possibly the place; visit on Friday 12.30 *We need to pay ourselves for building the rooms etc. 
 lucian 6 room Atelier Wedding Interesting 2. The Place Gone it was on earlier on the market 
 lucian 7 Rooms Schöneberg Interesting 1. Temporary Gone  
 lucian 7 Room App OsloerStr Interesting 1. Temporary Gone Both me and Flo tried to get to them but no answer 
 daan Köpenicker Straße 125 Interesting 2. The Place Gone Nice building, 12 spaces DEAD LINK 
 lucian 6 Rooms Wedding Interesting 1. Temporary Gone asked for a Termin 
October 7, 2008 lucian 7.5 Rooms Near Nollendorfplatz 1MustSee 1. Temporary Just found Provisionsfrei and acceptable cheap - looks very good 
 lucian 8 Rooms Kreutzberg 1MustSee 2. The Place Just found  
October 8, 2008 lucian 7 Rooms Tiergarten 1MustSee 2. The Place Just found has Provision 
 lucian Greifswalder Straße 10405 Interesting 2. The Place Just found Big - many spaces and not very expensive, We can rent a minimum of 245 but we can extend - They say they only rent for OFFICES not for living flats! 
  8 Rooms Innsbrucker Platz Interesting 1. Temporary On going   
 lucian 7 Rooms Wedding Interesting 1. Temporary Gone  
October 1, 2008 lucian 381sqm Wedding Interesting 2. The Place Gone dead link 
 lucian 6 Rooms 250qm Interesting 1. Temporary Gone needs new appointment 
 lucian Thulestr. 1 1MustSee 1. Temporary Visited they didn't accept our offer 
 lucian 8 Rooms Tiergarten Interesting 2. The Place Gone I can't see de link, is it gone? 
 lucian 6 Rooms Leipzigerstr  Interesting 1. Temporary Gone cheap 
 lucian 381sqm Wedding  Interesting 2. The Place Gone it was on the list already - it was deactivated from immob24 
 lucian Wilhelminenhofstr 11 Interesting 1. Temporary Gone A bit far 
 lucian 5 Rooms Wedding Interesting 1. Temporary Gone quite cheap 
 lucian 10 Miete Interesting 1. Temporary Gone a bit expensive... We had an appoitment on tuesday but the person didn'T show up. We're trying again - Vicky tries to call today 
December 4, 2008 dan 8 roooms, xberg quiteInteresting 1. Temporary Just found 8 rooms, 174qm, 1128 cold, pretty central 
December 4, 2008 dan 5 flats, together or separate Interesting 1. Temporary Just found group of 5 flats; we could maybe choose how many of them to rent, maybe expand later. But pretty expensive, location isn't great 
December 4, 2008 dan 315qm, 7 room, charlottenburg Interesting 2. The Place On going  even bigger and more expensive than torstr., but less rooms and not so nice location 
Showing 31 items
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Aug 19, 2008, 5:06 AM
Lucian Cosinschi,
Aug 23, 2008, 3:52 AM