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Torstr 23

Have a look at the big plan and at the offer.


Torstrasse in October!

Costs - 2500E/ month warm (that includes heating, Nebenkosten - not electricity or internet .)
  1.           Kaution 4 months / Kaltmiete - 7600 E that we pay the 14th of november
  2.           Maybe a new shower and move the kitchen
  3.           Nebenkosten - 700 € / month

We were 8 at the meeting: Vicky,  Lucian, Tau, Daan, Manuel, Clayton, Jose, Florian.

Con: More money pressure
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Pro: Bigger place 310qm, on 2 floors (better split).
More central.
More rooms (10).
Wired for network throughout - Definite convenience - Re: Workshops
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In terms of possible future development...

This place is better suited to start workshops etc right away. It is still not huge and there is less chance of expansion in the first place but this is already hitting bad our financial possibilities.


We have several possibilities - Freeshops online and offline. CS community, FlohMarkt etc.  Here we can add stuff that we need in the house and vote on it.

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Lucian Cosinschi,
Nov 2, 2008, 1:09 PM
Manuel Lombardi,
Nov 1, 2008, 4:03 AM