Who are we?

Hi and welcome!

 We are a group of friends who came together through fortune and the hospitality spirit. We are from the Denmark, Italy, Romania, UK, Spain, Canada, Germany, Belgium and other places.
    Inspired by travelers communities like the hospitality club and couchsurfing we are trying to build a community place in Berlin. The traveler is a fantastic type of person - independent yet open to his environment. On the one hand the traveler is adaptable to various conditions, on the other he is conscious and caring with each environment. Together the two qualities generate strong and sensitive people. These are the people we are counting on for this project. 
    We plan this ultimate dynamic-stable place to be self-sustained eventually. First we want to live there, but at the same time there will be space for travelers to sleep, but also and more excitingly to meet, share passions and activities! We hope to provide space for all peaceful, and independent initiative, a place where any traveler can feel at home.  It seems that we found our place here.
      As you browse the pages, you will see that what we have in mind is open to every hospitable, creative, sensitive and friendly person and their ideas. You are cordially invited to take part in the project at any edge you may find interesting (theoretical and/or practical) - and to add your own. Our project is just meant to be a framework and friendly lab for projects that you really care about. If this sounds interesting to you have a look around, ask questions and participate. We are very passionate about it so we look forward to seeing you.

There is no short explanation of what we want to do or achieve. The best way to find out about the project is to look around the site, ask us questions, contact us. There are bits and pieces there that you can put together to get a better idea than what a paragraph or two here can achieve.
                            What the project is - in the eyes of participants:
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Alumni - (People who are part of our project but cannot dedicate so much time and energy to it anymore)


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