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A ) You can email any of us at name at projectvolunteering dot net:

or groups/lists at

berlinTeam at projectvolunteering dot net
 for Chris, Clayton, Daan, Dan, Emma, Ilona, Jade, Lucian, Manuel, Naomi, Paul, Sebastian, Sonia, Tau, Theresa, Timmy, Trevor, Ula, Vicky

other lists will come as needed.

B) for chat

For skype accounts ask individuals.
gtalk accounts are exactly the email accounts


If you want to join the public PROJECT VOLUNTEERING Chat Room though gtalk or google mail you may:

1. Add this user into your gtalk contacts:

2. type:
/join phb

3. Write and the results will be public for anybody online.

If you want to set up and appointment for voice chat (skype, gtalk ...) send and email with a time suggestion.
one more G)

Google Groups
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