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Week Apr 27 - May 3rd

posted Apr 29, 2009, 6:07 AM by Anick-Marie Bouchard   [ updated May 11, 2009, 6:10 AM ]
    Get my ass back to İstanbul
    Stop thinking about love and Taylor. I'm on my way
   Reply to the email regarding Garp and organise my visit there in May. Cancelled
    Keep in mind that I want to wrap up the OUE.. and I never did. And it's important for me
    Intelligence types - A workshop on it?
 Translation Team
    Turkish team - Thesaurus
    Turkish team - Rating
    Translate the Guideline Template
 Safety Team
    CUQs - 15 this week-end as as starter to warm myself up. 11 done...
    Present actualized training material framework for upcoming Monday Sent the partial one
    Organized and moderated a Turkey Amb meeting - need to post the minutes
    Post about cats and dogs
    Women-only meeting in İstanbul Done, but we'll do another one
    Read/correct the book about Poland Done, received the money for it too.
    Retype 3 blog posts from my travel diary 2 done, but focussing on the emails for blog posts at the moment...
    Break time