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Week Jan 19th - 26th

posted Jan 19, 2009, 9:37 AM by Anick-Marie Bouchard
Last week you estimated you are going to do:
The stuff I haven't done last week, and reply to some emails (they've been piling up again, ever since I sent my video...) I'm not taking more, as I'm still very tired, and am also fasting this week.
How did it go?
So-so. The week-end worked quite well. I'm satisfied considering how bad I was feeling on each evening... But I learned I need to detail more what I want to learn/achieve to get a feeling of success.
What are you planning to do this week?
- Take 30 minutes each day to drink tea and do NOTHING at the same time
- Reply to >50% of my mails upon reception to avoid demotivating piling up. If I can't do that, check my mail less often. [Compulsive me]
- 2 more days vegan raw foodism, 2 days vegan (still 3 to go after that)
I've learned that recently I am not motivated to learn a language in front of a computer just now, so instead of setting expectations, I'll focus on what I can do while at my job: Audioclasses
- Hindi: Master Audioclasses 3-5
- German: Re-listen to Deutsch Warum Nicht 4 from the beginning, (maybe 1-5), and listen to then a second time If need it.
CS Safety Team
- Follow-up on issues I already own. I have a HUGE case that took me an entire day lately (Friday night & Sunday afternoon) and I want to focus more on other projects this week.
- Reply to discussions as they arrive (no piling up)
CS Translation Team
- Draft an outreach for Asian CS groups and a letter to Amb/moderator in that area inviting for collaboration
- Create a comm channel for improvement suggestions
- Start the survey
- Clean the to-do / wishlist
- Prepare myself for Outreach next week by cleaning up the stuff I posted here. Update on fasting. Get organized. Nothing else, as I want it to be done before I focus more an that next week.