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Week Jan 5 - 11

posted Jan 5, 2009, 8:02 AM by Lucian Cosinschi
Last week:

1. Get my messages down from 88 to 50 follow-ups
2. Work about 10-15 CUQs for CS Safety Team
3. Send another batch of postcards
4. Learn 6 Malayali letters and post about it
5. Finish the summary of the questionnaire on the Berlin website...
How did it go?
1. I have now 33 follow-ups, and only 18 I can really do right now, the rest depending on other things than me. They appeared in the last 72 hours! :)
2. I think I did around 12 :)
3. 4 sent!
4. I did not work much on the pronounciation, but I did most of it and documented it here:http://anick.projectvolunteering.net/polyglot/malayalam/alphabet
5. Done!
What are you planning to do this week?

-Solve problems with my pay at the Royal Mail
-CS Wiki moving to Edinburgh
-Lots with the Translation Team
-Another 10-15 CUQs
-Enhance Malayalam alphabet pronounciation and add 4 letters
-Get one unit in German
-Get some medical appointments
-Elaborate on action research