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Who, in the Where, and where should I be?

posted Feb 14, 2009, 2:50 AM by Anick-Marie Bouchard
Sorry if I'm a bit confused:

I don't mind my comment in "where" being removed, but I don't feel it has been addressed/answered and I wouldn't know where to go/post about it just now. I felt really pushed aside. Maybe it's because I'm the only one completely out of Berlin? It makes me feel I should not contribute to the Berlin group unless I participate to an activity IN Berlin. That includes the my activity log, now that I've got my own projectvolunteering site, wouldn't it make sense for me to post there, as I'm going to be on the road anyway?

Right now, the pages Who & Where reads as we are all together, fair enough we dreamt/thought/wrote this together, and we contributed to it. At some point I tried to make it a bit more "Edinburgh", and I believe it's good we have it there too, but I remember Lucian insisting that I remain with the Berlin group website too. Now, if I read the Who & Where pages, I feel like I'm apparently living with you, and that's misleading. "We" live together... Well, That is absolutely not telling how many people there is in the flat, nor who it is. Apparently, it doesn't matter to you, but tell me where is your intention to document now? I can picture a dormitory, I know there are not 12 people living in the flat, but I can't picture myself more. I heard that some are in another community apartment. Are both place far appart? Are workshops better being done at that apartment?

I feel left aside by what happened. The amount of infortmation I try to follow on this website is starting to overwhelm me, and I can barely follow all the site modifications. I wonder how my nomadicity will integrate in the project, or if anybody cares. (maybe that should be a second workshop/talk when I'm there?) It's been ages since I had a chat with "the group". I don't know where to start to bring solutions just now. I just hope we have fun when I come to Berlin soon, and that anybody will hear my call and find solutions with me.