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hey there! 
got really upset, grapped pen and paper and wrote a letter... and then I remembered the Amnesty International "urgent action" which I forgot at university and then I opened your page... and the (natural) chaos of my mind gave birth to that I idea: 
How about the Project keeps some currents ai urgent action letters at a visible spot and takes part in the ai letter writing!? 
For places I thought of the guest book for example. People take it quite often (and especially when they feel they have a relaxxed moment to read or sign...) and if there are such ai cases with possibilities to sign, people tend to read and sign, as well. Or at a special spot at the wall with pen attached to it.
When we (the ai group where I joined) have collected some sheets, we sent them off in one envelope. So it is not pricey, but still very usefull. 
What do you think of the idea?