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7.1.2009 - Schere 8 Veranstaltungsplenum

posted Jan 14, 2009, 5:52 AM by Unknown user
Last Tuesday evening, Clayton attended the weekly Scherer8 Veranstaltungsplenum(their event planning collective)

Limited by imperfect Deutsch comprehension, though still managed.

In short, these meetings are fairly autonomous and operate, mostly, fluidly. 
In my understanding, they report their activities to the larger group during the general plenum.
I don't know if they must "seek approval" or anything of that sort, and that might be worth asking. 
They have a gallery/show space in a space of the building that sits directly on Schere strasse.  This is were the various events are held.  The plenum and Dienstag film abend/vokue are held in the bar, also in the same bulding, on Scherer strasse.

They each accept responsibilities for various activities of the collective: postering/advertising, booking, etc.  If someone is unable to fulfill their commitment, they inform the others and they redistribute the task.  To editorialise, I would suggest this is how an event sub-committee of a larger project ought to function.

The only thing that seemed lacking, if that's an appropriate term, is advertising.  I'm sure this is, in party, my own naievete, in that enough of the Berlin "sub-culture" visits stress-faktor, where all of their events are listed.  However, as it comes to street advertising, it seems limited to the area in Wedding, directly in the vicinity of the project.  I wouldn't assume before asking, but it might be worth asking them if they ever feel the need to post  street ads in other locales.  Is it even important or necessary to them?  How essential are events such as these to the project as a whole?  I plan to ask these questions during future brunch visits.  I'll likely be updated this post as time goes on.


My trip to Koepi.  I believe I've got a Deutsch pro on my side this time and it's the general plenum, so I'm hoping to gather more information