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Alex coming to Visit.

posted Apr 23, 2009, 8:45 AM by Unknown user
Hi Clayton,

I was talking to Lucian just now, but he told me I should e-mail you.
I've already 'booked' for me and two friends from the 30th of April
until the 4th of May to stay at your house in Berlin. The website (and
Lucian) told me I should confirm one week prior to arrival so hereby; I
confirm. My name is Alexandra Mientjes (or, as it says, 'draatje' on
the calendar on your website) and my friends' names are Jeroen Beekmans
and Rosa Staarink. We are from Amsterdam and I think all of us are 23
years old and studying at the University of Amsterdam.
Maybe you can give us some more information about what we need to bring
(obviously we would like to bring as little as possible, but just tell
me what you need). We will probably be walking around town all day,
eating out and going out, so I don't think we'll spend a lot of time at
the house, but who knows.
Also, we should set a time of arrival, so that we won't be standing in
front of a locked door. We will arrive on the 30th of April at Berlin
Hauptbahnhof at 19.20u so we'll probably be at the house at 8. How does
everything work with keys and such?
Hopefully you can answer my questions and then we'll see each other

All the best,
Alexandra Mientjes