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Body Focus Workshop

posted May 24, 2009, 2:15 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 25, 2009, 5:56 AM ]
I, along with Daan and Ula have created a new Body Focus Workshop.

It involves drinking no alcohol and, only for Clayton as yet: Have more sex(Daan is excluded, because we all know that he fucks enough)
I want to encourage other ways of interaction and also to shift the focus of my time from modifying my mental and physical reality with liquids and try giving female human beings a shot at achieving this goal. 

After a time(10 months?) of being completely self-indulgent after ending a 6 year relationship, I will take Daan's advice and try to see if I can satisfy other people's needs as well as my own.
I think this is in line with the general philosophy of the project
'Caring for yourself AND everyone else'

Length is yet to be determined, but will endure for a minimum of one month.
Yes, this also includes Beach Camp.

Anyone else who would like to join,  need not apply, or pay membership fees of any sort.  Just do it.
Or leave a comment.

Note: Anyone who would like to have their spiritual and/or physical needs fulfilled in exchange for doing the same for me and perhaps together becoming more than the sum of our parts, can meet me, daily, in my study(i.e. the common private - private come-on room)

Also, if this is unclear, please know that I aim for quality over quantity.  Sex doesn't necessarily imply mindless fucking, but I do want to make some proper love to someone(s).  Anyway, good old sex isn't a bad thing either.  For me though, it's about mixing the love with the sass.