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Discussion/Meeting, etc Friday 2 October 2009

posted Oct 3, 2009, 4:36 AM by Unknown user
Sebastian, Lucian and I met last night and shared a lot of thoughts about alternate living forms, communities, others and ours included.

It was really valuable for me to communicate and share.  I think many others can join in on a more regular basis and that would be very healthy.

A main focal point for me was positive-solution oriented approaches to problems we are facing.

Sebastian shared a discussion technique he once learned in some group setting where people team in partners; one relates a perspective or idea for some time and then the other must summarise what the other has told them to the group, and asking the originator if their synopsis is accurate and it continues from there.
It seems to me a useful exercise for certain forms of problem solving and requires people to listen and understand eachother.

I proposed a method of discussion or group problem solving whereby. people who meet on a regular basis discuss only one issue that can be short or long-term in solution process.  Their regular or constant contact is necessary, otherwise one per evening won't satisfy the demands of their interaction.

Essentially a topic or theme is suggested and participants only speak to the end of resolving or considering the issues directly relevant.  It could expedite solution processes for very specific or even long term issues.

We all taked about the issue of people doing what they say they would and how that relates directly to caring; about eachother, about the project, etc.

Also, the root of the project.  THE basic workshop which is realising an alternate living form and how that is fundamentally relevant.

If I missed something ,let me know.
This is meant as summary, not minutes.