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Discussion/Meeting, etc Friday 5 October 2009

posted Oct 4, 2009, 6:14 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 4, 2009, 4:52 PM ]
Lucian gave me a rundown on effective slide presentations

We also talked about project philosophy, dynamics, etc.
Remember> Introduce money contemplation week and ask people to think about money for next week. Lucian suggested, but I think we could try broaching the topic in the meeting and then encourage people to create an email thread or just post to their logs about their thoughts of how to raise the money we need for many things.
deposit returns
new places

Lucian showed me a listing for an interesting locations , with a lot of space, that requires renovation.  I will consider if I have time this week to see it and if I do, then I would do so, if atleast one other will go there with me.

We discussed the importance of continual discussion and self analysis
Frienship as a basis for the project but not as the sole factor
Remembering and Honouring committment
Speaking quietly during a discussion
Affirming the learning process.

I am at odds with the concept of any one of us being able to make any change without consultation because we are all friends and in trust and the learning methodology of consulting and proposing changes to everyone in a meeting for a certain time period to test their viability.  Is it possible to make important changes in short order by testing multiple solutions or hypotheses without being impulsive?  Is giving necessary consideration to important issues necessarily a matter of time? 
I see it as a matter of agreeance and committment, but if a solution is obviated in a shorter period, can we go forward thence?
Lucian saw it as everything being on a case by case basis. which I can embrace, as long as everything doesn't begin to contradict itself .

I wonder about discovering, creating and utilising various methodologies that uphold the learning process

Also, I think it makes sense that emergency guests are taken in because of the urgent nature of their situation but that , as they came to us in an emergency, if our living situation necessitates less people to be here then it is fair to help them find alternate accommodations.  This of course refers to explicitly emergency guests and not those added to the calendar who have requested beforheand and therefore surprise no one with their prescence.

As soon as it becomes unfair for someone responsible for maintaining this place in the first instance, then it is unfair .  Also, it is very friendly to have provided someome with space on an emergency basis and then help them find another place to stay.  Everyone is always welcome to spend a lot of time here with us.

We also discussed standards that everyone can and HAS agreed to .
IF we don't uphold our standards, then they don't exist and we obviously don't care about them... right?

Also, dinner time usually lasts one or two hours, so is that a reasonable time to meet and talk about things, consistantly?  The basis for opening the door to friendship is meeting and discussing our ideas and thoughts with eachother.  It is sort of a minimal committment in my estimation for anyone living here for reasons other than it being easy and fun.

Also, discussions ought to be documented so you are not excluding others from

1> sharing
2> realising that you happen to be thinking and caring about things

WE don't need to but agreed to use the website to ensure this project is not exclusive to the residents of the house.
From the beginning there have been remote participants and I would like to benefit from their and others continued participation.

My concept of meeting is not something that should be feared.  If we can't offer a minium committment of constantly discussing, then why are we here at all?  THere must be self analysis to engage the learn from any of this, which is very important to me.
TO learn!  Committment for me isn't simply about devising systems to make life comfortable and automated.  Nor is it solely about principles and philosophy
I do believe, though, that we ought to have and uphold standards.

Obviously, not everyone can always be there or might even miss many discussions on an ongoing basis, but it is about offering whatever committment of which you are capable and then actually adhering to it. Missing things doesn't mean they shouldn't be held, only that people should feel safe explaining their absence.
It is acceptable to communicate with people.

Everyone has to set priorities and obviously for some people, their priorities would exclude them from existing in this sort of demanding environment.  

Simultaneously, I believe that standards need to constantly be reexamined reevaluated and challenged for relevance and efficacy.