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posted Dec 25, 2008, 2:28 PM by Unknown user
Friends.Lovers.Sisters.Brothers.  I see that we are in the hunt for Schoenhauser Allee 146 and that we simply wait for developments that are set to unfold beyond the new year.  That said, has anyone been following possible developments with other locations?  I suppose we will see what sort of situation we are in as the contract is given to us and we determine it, hopefully, to be to our satisfaction.
But.. Any other leads?  If not, that's useful to know.  No recriminations, simply information gathering.  I personally, might be interested in doing so continued research for available units if nothing new, current, fresh, otherwise has been uncovered. 
Here's to a happy contract resolution and moving in to SA 146 A.S.A.P  Also, non extortionate rent.
P.S. maybe an actual log for ongoing developments related specific to the place.  Or not..