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Notes 03 2009 . After Midnight on 4 June 2009

posted Jun 3, 2009, 3:53 PM by Unknown user
Sebastian has been holding semi-regular introductory Kung-Fu workshops in the Hinterhof.  I have taken part in every session, I believe.  Other participants have been Christian and Emma as well as guests Kirill and Geoff.
 . Create a proper workshop page 
 . Detail techniques taught and learned.
 . Offer a means to inform larger groups
Due to the nature of the workshops and Sebastian's timetable, they are mostly spontaneous with less than half hour notice, but it can be helpful to share this information. 
Update about Market
 - Wednesday, Today.  Timmy, Sebastian, Fabio and Clayton went to the Turkish market and picked up a load of goodies.  
 - After returning home, Clayton and Fabio spent many hours cleaning the kitchen and preparing the food to last longer and then preparing sauce for the bread workshop (pizza buns) . 8 hours or so spent in the kitchen, but I found it all very rewarding and pleasurable, because it related to teaching two new people to bake bread.  Also, we managed to keep the kitchen relatively clean throughout the cooking process, but due to space limitations, we had some mess leftover
which leads me to.
Update about Cleaning.
 . After cleaning, then cooking, we had a huge team effort which lead to the kitchen's fast perfect cleaning and rejuvenation.  Thanks also to Sara and Maya.
. I am very tired
Update Human Rights, Int Development and IR workshop.
.  I am creating a workshop related to my studies and passions
It entails
 . a discussion group
 . a documentary(audio and video) listening period conducted on weekly basis
  ..e.g. Radio Netherlands or BBC correspondent updates or other audio docs. 
 . working theory meetings to develop strategies for influencing policy(this is very complex and will come later based on interest)
Add Film Brazil to next week
 . We will watch Terry Gilliam's Brazil on Thursday 11 June 2009.  
Add Kareoke.
This Saturday.. Sheita
Canada Workshop for Kids.
Language Comprehension and Retention workshop for kids.