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posted Jun 30, 2009, 5:28 AM by Unknown user
I cannot make it to the dang meeting tonight because of an important school function involving foreign guests.  They sort of just asked yesterday if I could come. 
The information we need to all be made aware of our financial situation will be available tomorrow.  If many of us could agree to postpone this meeting until Wednesday, that would allow me to present it in person.
If not, I will have all the details presented in an easy to digest format and also will make myself available to any individual who wants to know more about the way the data is being managed.
I considered this, because : Paul said he has prior obligations that preclude his attendence at ANY point this week and others have told me it wasn't a problem, so if others can also accomodate me, that would be a great boon.  If you have to meet and aren't free to do so tomorrow, then just simply do so and document it, but I will also be free tomorrow evening regarding the issue of finances.