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Week Log 12-19.1.2009

posted Jan 11, 2009, 11:58 PM by Unknown user
 - my visit to Scherer 8
 - my visit to Morus 14
   - Stummfilm details
 - prepare a proper musical programme for upcoming musically minded. A couple of songs with all the info necessary to listen beforehand and then play : chords, lyrics, etc
Practice and remember standard lyrics for 'In the Pines'; obwohl, don't be afraid to improvise; it's in the very nature of the song.
Practice playing guitar with Lucian.
Meet Monday evening to clear the skies and pray for rain. 
I'm going to try again this week at another Plenum for another project: Koepi. 
Last week, I visited the Veranstaltungsplenum of Scherer 8 and I will soon make a post with my full "findings".  However, as with most, long-running, event sub-committees of a larger project, what I found was mostly self-evincing: i.e., They plan things and do them.
It would be helpful if a more advanced speaker of Deutsch would be around to visit with me.  We can arrange a time to meet beforehand, but I've invited most people I know and if any who read this site regularly haven't received an invitation via the calendar, please e-mail me: clayton - at - projectvolunteering - dot - net.
Properly introduce myself to the sustainable project.
versuch' mehr Deutsch zu sprechen/hoeren, ... wasever(Denglish doesn't count)
Further analyse Anick's data.
Log update re: housing situation.