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Weekly Plan - 2.1-8.2.2009

posted Feb 2, 2009, 2:43 AM by Unknown user
Learn Lyrics to "Postcards to Italy" and "Barrett's Privateers"
Mostly.YEAH..  Postcards is an earworm and Barret's needs to make it's mark
Plan more visits to other projects
Our project has taken a leading role here and I wil continue when we are more situated
Go to class all the time.
Yeah! Except for Monday when I was dead.
Spend some time outside during the early afternoon, each day, to get a nice dose of Sun Shine
Did, but not enough sun
Use my log for important things.
Lost track of myself a bit while getting into school mode again
Further develop Comm AND Out with interested group members.
Moving in took prescidence
 - Update CS group., etc


Get a job
Deal with money
Plan so-called communication protocols with Lucian
Schedule movie time for German films.
Clean, every day, one heating element on the stove top