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Weekly Plan 28 September - 5 October 2009 Clayton

posted Oct 1, 2009, 11:56 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 1, 2009, 2:04 PM ]
as always

I would invite everyone to practice what I call non-violent communication - Assertive, not agressive or passive.  It means being open with yourself as well as others and refusing the dominion of insecurity.

I have been going to the Bread Dumpster at least once a week
I have been going to the Turkish Market once a week


I will do a sustainable amount of project work and development every day and week
 - I will partly self schedule this
I will begin designing a workshop about useful media design that promotes or stimulates common sense.
I will do my part to finalise my dealings with the government bureaucracies once and for all/WELL, atleast for this next 12 months.
I will not be scraping pennies soon / A month of work DOES pay off
I will start A Project History and consult everyone for assistance
I will continue to look for suitable project spaces to accommodate for our growth.
I will challenge everyone to examine their own reasons for being a part of this
I will Encourage people to use the website as an effective tool
I will Discourage people from making rigid structures but not by opposing them, rather by invading their process and offering my own input so that is bears the unmistakeable mark of my influence.

I will find time to begin my workshops planned months ago and deferred for the sake of filling cracks instead of building foundations
I will sponsor a renaming of the OUTBOX to the FOUND BOX
 Because the name and premise is inaccurate
 According the originators of the idea, the real reason is to promote better management of space and not leaving items in such a way that interfere with the movement of others>cut down on clutter
 Also, the connection with throwing peoples things away is not the intent of the box according to everyone and it is important to be accurate in our actions so that they reflect our actual intentions> i.e. no clutter

The FOUND box is just a tool; a place to put things when we don't know where they belong and they happen to be in the way of reasonable movement.  The objects will be spread out on the living room floor once weekly, and those uncollected will be stored in the Keller.  If you find anything unfair about this method of maintaining a clear living space, please propose a modifcation to this or ask me to help you devise your own. 
I will pee so soon as my bladder notifies me that it's necessary


There seems to be a great deal of talk about things being unclear .  If people documented their activities on this website then there would be no uncertainty about involvement or *buzzword* contribution. 
People can also agree that written signs in our physical space are equal to written communication on the web site so long as they promote common sense and personal and collective responsiblity
 - Weights and Measures and SIgns and Symbols are useful in concert with eachother.
    Thus - Posting temporary signs can be useful AND not invade the realm of common sense, so long as they ... don't invade the realm of common sense.

Also I discovered that rather than debating the merits of an action it is often more productive to participate and offer your own input in the action, insodoing coming to a common solution.  As I said, by invading the process, you guarantee a solution that meets all needs and it is a productive and CREATIVE measure to involve yourself in things rather than opposing them.
It also means that you and others make something TOGETHER.
It can save a lot of time to simply become a part of something if you want to change how it operates.

Example > Instead of "hell no" think " ok, let's get started! how do we begin"

It is important to accept and recognize also that there is a world outside of these walls and it is the intention of many to participate from without, so we should be inclusive by also using the web as a forum if we care about this aspect of the project; i.e. sharing it with those outside the apartment, which in  itself is not THE project but only a part.

I gave a talk about BEING WELCOME after I returned, which was inspired by Morocco and I want to follow through with that by sharing a creative project that involves perhaps. "Self Reference>Merhaba"
Wood Working
maybe more.
I will relate my welcoming experiences in Morocco here further.

I am at this moment tending to financial issues and Jeremy is also.  separate post for details 
 . Gathering data
 . Remember to speak with Christian again about spreadsheet

Talk further to people about HISTORY MATTERS
Personal notes to expand on this week

I am planning a series of seminars or lectures about alternate living forms.
Alernate to >
Standard forms of living
 i.e. alone or in a shared flat where everyone is very separate and doesn't interact on a honestly personal level
It is called
 - I have asked for help from others, namely Lucian and Manuel. 
 - It will focus mostly on pure facts and also feature personal motivations


"principles are important and plans are relevant but once they prevent you from caring DIRECTLY about people, they cease to become relevant; even principles that are designed to highlight people as being of ultimate priority"


I will invite many people from Berlin and the world to hear what I and we have to say as well as take part in the more discussion-oriented seminars


After a period of travel and recollection, then self-imposed direct interaction without analysis I have now returned.
Plan. Roger and I update and track monastic and monetary concerns.  We also practise openness together.
Ich lerne Deutsch und Franzoesisch
Ich arbeite,schreibe,lehre,lerne,bin, liebe.
Hausputzen usw. mit Dt Erde und was anders.  
Bugs toten.. leider statt Leute stoeren.

Also I would invite everyone to practice what I call non-violent communication - Assertive, not agressive or passive.  It means being open with yourself as well as others and refusing the dominion of insecurity.