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Work log - Week Dec 15 - 21st

posted Dec 9, 2008, 2:12 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 16, 2008, 8:22 AM ]
Work logs are mostly for my own benefit
Currently, I'm working to integrate the newly created individual logs into a neat Group logs page.  Hopefully, this will be a useful, digestible and productive alternative for following and participating in group activities. 
 - mostly beneficial to internal members
 - accessible from the 'Who' page under the 'Group Data' heading
 - each log is limited to 3 lines(on this page, only), which should be suitable for gauging recent activity
I'm going to try to integrate a group calendar into this sub-section of the 'Who' page as well.    completed ; also, Lucian added to main page.
Fairly simple and straight forward tasks that hopefully provide a bit more utility to the project space.
Perhaps re organise orient these new additions : Open task list - Alternative Berlin Visits and connections
Addenda: 16 December 2008 - 1715 Hours
Ongoing maintenance.
Assist others in realisations of goals.
Co-ordinate some activities and pair up complementary tasks, projects, personalities.
Answer Christian's query.
Spend ever less money.
Fill cracks, close gaps.
Follow and stimulate activity in location search
Ensure complete information is regularly added to the location log as regards;
 a) search
 b) contract progress, exhaustive, itemised lists updates in necessary
 c) documentation etc.
Scherer 8
Add plenum times/dates to Visitation spreadsheet and create invitations for visitations.
Co-ordinate with Alt liv project interested members and try to ensure , as always, immediate and exhaustive documentation.
Deutsch, Deutsch, Deutsch.
maybe this is enough for the week, but I will continue to add tasks as I complete and discover them.
Tags: Logs, Calendar, Alternative Berin, Open Task list.