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1 week after start project

posted Feb 2, 2009, 3:51 AM by Unknown user
Previous week(s)
Didn't fill in the log, which is really bad
Tried to end the previous place, which did not work out
Made dessert bread, which will be repeated and documented with Tau's flashy flash
I feel more or less bad about the previous thing dragging on, goder!
This week
Prepare the second money meeting, with milestones, and try to get it to move linearly and smooth
Get people talking about guest selection/hosting process
Think about non-food workshop
Get the high level project house layout in order
Make my computer accessible and talk about the need for sharing it
Share the great music
Tell people what I don't like about them
Listen and think about what they don't like about me
Get a second money meeting date fixed by tomorrow evening
Fix my finances
Finish my hierachical octree visibility culling, either by optimizing the frustrum split plane intersection or the occlusion walker.