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2 weeks after start project

posted Feb 9, 2009, 1:39 PM by Unknown user
Previous week
Prepare the second money meeting, with milestones, and try to get it to move linearly and smooth
Well, we had it before the appointed time, and I hadn't had time to prepare it. We did have some point by point things to get through, but the meeting didn't finish, we reached very little conclusions (see meeting log post for it) and decided (?) to have the discussion on-line insted
Get people talking about guest selection/hosting process
I made a meeting, it's now a case of having it
Think about non-food workshop
Didn't do it. Programming is to specific, maybe some debugging life?
Get the high level project house layout in order
It's more or less running smoothly for all I think, it's more pressing to have the high level project web site in order
Make my computer accessible and talk about the need for sharing it
Didn't. People can use it, but I really need to still do things.
Share the great music
Privatly been scrobbeling away
Tell people what I don't like about them
Listen and think about what they don't like about me
Get a second money meeting date fixed by tomorrow evening
Fix my finances
Finish my hierachical octree visibility culling, either by optimizing the frustrum split plane intersection or the occlusion walker.
More or less. It's faster, but I still need to increase L2 cache performace
Next week
Be there for Tau when I'm not working, and she isn't either. We need to enjoy the intersections.
Urge meetings
Bake bread
Prepare computer