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posted Oct 13, 2009, 7:14 AM by daan@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Nov 11, 2009, 12:58 AM ]
Hitched for 4 days with tau to Barcelona, good experiences and visited friends (mawa hata) and family (Hubert)
Spend good days in the Hernandez household, talking project and French
Eventful hitch alone to Marseille
Great nocturnal walk in the city
Hunting herbs while others hunted boar in the Provence
Fabrice in Toulon :)

Still undecided about coming back to the project, as ever.

For sure coming back the 6th of november till the 10th. Maybe my crazy russian friend is staying at our place for a week. Maybe also 2 of his friends. More info tomorrow!
-------------------------------------FLY MY PRETTY!
Got drunk 3 hours after the plane touched Belgian tarmac. 1 liter of Triple Karmeliet.
Bought a great tent and got a great coat as a present
Survived -2 degrees with my gear, who wants to hitch Czech republic with me in winter?
Extremely doubtful about my future, perhaps this is infectious?
Wondering about the house, sending out email feelers. A new nqdir?
Transmogrifying restlessness and anxiety into potential action bomb. Stuff IS going to change, it's better to take decisions when you still can.

Hitching out Friday 23d. Guess where I'm going next! (you might win something)

whoever said paris wins a kiss from me when I get back.
Made Paris in one ride, a guy who sailed the world in his self constructed boat plus wife and diving gear for 2 years
Met up with Petr, he's going to call his boss for me.
Hosted by Julien, good friend of Niki and all around great guy.

He took me into the Catacombs.

World's most subversive street art collection.

Met Nicolas, he was doing great.

Hitched south to the apartment in 2 days. Spend 6 days with Tau in a 2000 person village, no internet or cell phone coverage. I got sick, en then Tau got sick out of solidarity.

Hitched to Berlin in 3 days. The tent is great, and so is the sleeping bag. Thank you Clayton for the backpack, it's the best thing to come out of Germany since Berlin.

Going to Greece real soon.

I am  very sorry, but life keeps blowing up in my face everytime I go to Berlin. I feel unsure (maybe more than ever) if I can live in Shonhauser allee 146. If rent needs to be paid, or I live there, I will pay. Would you guys mind me waiting to pay?

Please mail me any feedback, I know a lot of you can't post here anymore. Ask my opinion about that too, if you're interested.

Right now it's 20 degrees and it's sunny. I'm staying with Michael, and he's incredible. I don't know if the hospitality is a typical greek thing which everyone should experience, but it's almost humbling. I talked with him till the early hours despite the fact that he had to go to work early, and already this trip can't be broken.