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English workshop

posted Aug 19, 2009, 11:30 PM by Unknown user

Yep, we've got a lot to learn yet!

I want to hold a series of workshops focused on improving our oral and written English. As English is the default, and the lingua franca (well, at least since Jill and Elodie left), I don't think this will hurt our communication. I would mostly be interested in vocabulary, pronouns and colloquial. We can have sessions on British, New Orleans, kitchen jargon, etc etc...

For the first session, I would like to target hip-hop/rap/dup (perhaps reggae, but I don't care a whole lot as you know :). So get ready to finally know what OG,G,Gzette,bling,blunt,frontin,phat,duppy,shiznit,for schizzle,shizzlemanizzle, chronic,hooch,bootie,cooch,cream,knocking niggers out the box, and Wu tang clan mean!

Just append some more terms, and we can get started when we have a nice collection.