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Impromtu meeting with Ula, Daan and Emma 24/05/09

posted May 24, 2009, 4:18 AM by Unknown user
Daan thinks, bodypainting workshops really suck. They use a lot of water, they bring damage to the house (paint on the walls) , and it's always somebody else who cleans up the shit (thanks a lot Ollie for teaching Daan to mop!). Emma is angry at Daan, because then the soiler (who was probably intoxicated during his cleaning session) doesn't know how it looked like, and can't learn. Daan would like to send a clear message, in easily remembered form, and hopes next time will be different:

If you can clean your blue ass for 15 minutes, you might as well clean the floor

After this the conversation turned to how to care for people, and how to make them realize the impact of their actions. It's especially difficult to make people realize the consequences when they are in a non receptive state when they commit these actions. We had the idea to therefor remind these people all the time of these consequences before they are in this state, but when they are making the steps to get there. Ask Daan, Emma or Ula for more info.