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Jan 12-19

posted Jan 13, 2009, 3:12 AM by Unknown user
Last week :
Bake more bread (5- percent done)
YES - and with excellent results
Document the last instances
NO  - having issues with site access and time for computer access
Explore jugglng with a guy i met at Scherer 8. The yrent a hall somewhere at schonhauser allee, I hope they have plenty of space and we can all go there next week!
YES - there is more than enough space for everyone, and everyone is more that welcome. Watch this space.
Kiss Tau more
NO - quite impossible
Take a break from hosting
YES - domestic life has beem busy enough (and christian still turned up sunday night, although it's not hosting in his case)
Ask Vicky about the thing that is not the Schufa
Not applicable - shit hit the fan
This week
FIND A PLACE FOR US TO LIVE from february on
Document the bread thing
Find out the "loading editor" bug on this site, it seems to have less issues on internet explorer, but I need to test some more;
Find a decent hotel for my brother to stay in(any hints)?