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Stochastic cleaning in distributed multi-people environments

posted Jun 7, 2009, 1:41 PM by Unknown user
Sorry for the shortness, it's late.

When I'm cleaning, I would like a space to put stuff I think is probably not needed. I don't want to just put them somewhere else, because they will just come back. We should have a path where stuff get's removed in our house, while respecting ownership. Ideally we it would also allow remote people to have a say. So much for the problem space.

A solution

2 big boxes, labeled A and B

We start filling up A with all the shit we encounter.
Anyone can check the box for their belongings, and take them back.
After a set period of time, a "box switch event" occurs.
All new shit should be put in B (A will be not recieve new shit).
A countdown (eg 1 month) starts.
We publish pictures of all shit in A on the website.
Once the counter reaches 0, the shit is declared free game for anyone (throw, free shop, whatever)
The "box switch event" starts again. A is empty, and new shit gets put here. B start a countdown.

This way, we can keep ownership of stuff, and remove redundant crap