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This monday morning

posted May 25, 2009, 3:59 AM by Unknown user
I met a woman going up on the stairs, who gave me a dirty look.

1 minute later I know why. The sheet used to make the pool was jammed in the front door, so it was open for the whole night. For good measure, the garbage can for spam mail was thrown on top. I threw away the tarp, and mopped the hallway using Ollie's method. This made me 40 minutes late, which means I'm late to come home tonight, which means I don't have that much time with Tau to make up for the time we cleaned the whole kitchen again this weekend instead of doing our thing. Which was futile anyway, it lasted about an hour of three.

This is insanity, and I'm quite pissed. The project I envision does grand things (will post about it later), and I'm getting surprised people are actually able to wipe their own ass (although I've seen them do it on cardboard of empty toilet paper rolls, but I'm trailing off).

The hausmeister was walking around, and luckily he was quite friendly when he saw how concerned I was with the thing. He seems to be a nice guy, and speaks quite decent English. I think I'm inviting him one of these days for coffee.