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German vs. English

posted Jan 5, 2009, 11:38 AM by Unknown user
[this began as a comment on .. and the end of the Results... brought some questions but got a bit long and off-topic to leave there]

We (as a group) seem to spend a lot of time talking in English to each other, even though most of us want to learn German. I wonder why that is:
  • Habit?
  • Shyness?
  • Not wanting to exclude non-german-speaking couchsurfers, etc?
  • Inability to express what we want to say in the language?
  • Wanting to relax after a day of using German at work/school?
  • Uncertainty about who speaks what level of German?
Are we happy talking English, or would we like to use more German? [I am very much in favour of talking German, but that's partly because, as a native English-speaker, I feel more than usually guilty when I spend my time talking English]. Switching needn't be too hard - perhaps just on certain days, or certain occasions.

For that matter, what about this site? I'd be keen to try writing some of my log entries in German, but might that exclude some people who would want to read them?