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Week Dec 22-8: review

posted Dec 28, 2008, 1:28 PM by Unknown user
Things I should do this week:
  1. Figure out how to use this log, & rest of the site. Write a bit more about myself here
    Partial success: I wrote some things here, but mostly not the stuff I wanted to write
  2. Cooking: I have a kitchen to myself all week, I should use it
    Total success
  3. Work: finish the herald code; do a good chunk of the Mongin translation
    Failure; maybe I was too busy cooking and socialising to keep up with the work :(
    I'm also getting back into the bad habit of letting things pile up as nearly-complete.
  4. Make it through xmas eve/day without getting maudlin
    Success; it's hard to be gloomy in a labyrinth
  5. Make the necessary xmas phone-calls, emails to family & friends (too late for cards now)
    I did a little; probably should have done more
  6. Figure out what to do with mika/tom/george/kelly, incl. where to go for silvester.
    Failure; they're in Berlin, but it's pretty hard figuring out what they're up to
  7. http://events.ccc.de/congress/2008/ : go? (but expensive - maybe I can afford one day?). In any case, turn up to cbase etc. to meet people
    Didn't go, but have been spending time with participants, and watching a few sessions online. I think this is the right balance.
  8. start posting something again on http://berlin.metblogs.com
    I only wrote one short post; Partial success, if that

Things I'd like to do, but probably won't have time for:
  1. update, make public and publicise http://www.ohuiginn.net/panama
    1. get the data protection act details from Mike
    2. run the scraper for new companies (&automate?)
    3. set up google-friendly pages for each individual
    4. put it on it's own domain?
    5. mention it to people at CCC
      Partial success; did everything except 3 & 4. Should have spent the time working instead, though :(
  2. Email to find out which interesting properties are still available (but do we really want this?)
    Didn't do this
  3. Write a patch for the urllib2 bug
    ...or this
  4. Finish the exporting force site
    ...or this
Things I should always be doing:
  1. Find some excuse to get out of the house each day
    Failure. Spent several days mainly at home - not all of them unpleasantly, but I need to work on this more
  2. Practice/study German (books! radio! grammar!)
    Partial success. Lots of reading in German, and listening to the radio, and a bit of grammar. But I have mostly been talking English; disadvantage of meeting foreign visitors, and German-speaking housemates being away
  3. Keep moods under control
    Near-total success (unexpectedly)
  4. Carry on writing
    Success (mostly just little posts around the internet, but it's more than I get round to most days
Overall: I'm pretty happy with much of this, esp. the cooking. Let the work slip a little, but that's OK over Christmas. Also, none of it contributes much to the project; I'm a little unsure what I can helpfully do for the project at the moment.