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Week Jan 12 - 19

posted Jan 14, 2009, 4:33 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 19, 2009, 1:24 PM ]
I've recently had two weeks of mainly socialising, then one week mainly working. This week's going to be mainly working on personal projects: reading, writing, coding, learning, planning. [not that I planned all this; that's just how it has worked out]

I won't put any concrete aims here, because I'd rather let things shape themselves. But by next week I want to have created something, while not falling behind on work or other commitments.

Results: Well, I did a bunch of work shepherding my notebooks into some kind of usable format, and I wrote a silly spreadsheet for a competition, but I'm not sure either really counts. Also, I let myself get very distracted by a book, which I don't regret, but which did mess up my plans

Also, I've really been falling away from the project lately, mainly through not really knowing how to contribute. I need to figure this out - as somebody who will be staying in my current WG in February, what can or should my relationship to the project be? How can I do something, rather than just hanging around on the edges and chatting to people?

Result: I didn't even think about this yet. But thanks for the comment, Anick - that gives me some places to start. And going to the meeting on Wednesday should be useful

Ongoing things:
  1. Find some excuse to get out of the house each day
  2. Practice/study German
  3. Keep moods under control
  4. Carry on writing
Results: Mixed. still at home too much. Feeling very awake and alert, in a way I haven't for years, but I'm not sure what I did to achieve that. German has been slipping somewhat, and I haven't written much, even to myself..