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Emma <3

♥ Who I am: I am Ketchup. Yeah, just ask someone that known me for long enough.

I am a hopefull dreamer, and I always get amazed when I see creativity get born between people. I totally belive that 1+1 will get 3 or more, when the right people meet eachother.. thats the chemistry of life.

Ooh mighty god, hail the power of synergy!

♥ What I love: When you get up early in the morning, after camping outside, next to a river in north of sweden. And you inhale the fresh air while listening to all the sounds around you.. And ooh, the smell of swedish forrest!

No need for expensive spa!

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I have many faces

One friend told me, not long ago.. "-Emma, Never change style, to always change style."

I constantly change my appearance, and love to dress upp for almost any occation. I think it`s a fun way to express myself.. And thats why I have so many shoes.

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>> http://ted.com/
>> http://wiki.exploreberlin.de/