I WANT CANDY, workshop and goodbye party

Ok, first of all: I don't know how to do this creating a site-thing, so this is just a testing testing.

Since the Swedish Party I've been wanting to arrange failed (read: postponed until Emma comes back) and my love for Aaron Carter just grows bigger (if anyone knows where this cute little guy is hiding, please contact me) a new tasty theme came up:


Dress up in colorful clothes, bring a lollipop and get ready for sugaaar.

My friend Sara and I are both leaving for Sweden in one week and wanted to have a goodbye party with all our friends before we leave. The party will be held on Friday the 5th at my place in Kreuzberg. Songs like "Candy Shop" by 50 cent and "Lollipop" by Aqua will be played on repeat and sweet coctails will be served together with chocolate and gummibärchen. 

Tomorrow (Friday, the 5th) at Kottbusser Tor, 9 pm!!!

We will also be having a "create your own candy jewellery-workshop"

So yeaah. Watch this video and let me know.


Nathalie (call or send me a message to get the exact address)
0151 232 230 36