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My plans..

posted Oct 13, 2009, 12:05 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 13, 2009, 8:48 PM ]
First of all.. sorry for not being on the meeting today, I just have to many things to deal with as it is anyway.

(because you ask for it)

A one way ticket to Poland - Berlin >> Warsaw
(on tuesday night 20th)

Laura invited me to stay with her and share the rent. My plan was to do so, but I dont feel like moving there for only 6 days, also since I dont know her that well.. All I want to do right now is to have some time alone with myself, and not to be bothered by anyone, and PV might no be the right solution either.. Moment 22 perhaps? I was thinking of renting a room in a hostel, I might do that. But please dont push me, dont ask me, because I dont know.

Rent (Because it seems very urgent)

To be absolutely honest, i dont feel like paying a full 230 euro rent.. for two reasons..

For the first, I have stayed here only 2 weeks (If i decide to stay the followníng week it will be three).

And for the second, in stockholm I bought food, breakfast, wine beer and traintickets for about 250 euro to all of you. You can see it as a gift (fucking generous one, because I am a student) if you like to, or you can decide to contribute with some money, OR just understand why I am not paying full rent. If anyone of you disagree with this, please talk to me.

Thank you. (sorry for being bitchy today, I am moody)