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Full name: Florian Fischer
Nicknames: Floh, flohfish
Nationality: German
Date of Birth: 11. April 1978
Place of Birth: Traben-Trarbach/Deutschland
City of Residence: Berlin/Deutschland
Education: Diploma in Social Work
Occupation: Student of Childhood Studies and Children's Rights

It was around New Years Eve 2007 in İstanbul/Türkiye that Lucian and me talked for the 1st time about a possibility of a house project in Berlin.
Since then, months have passed by, Lucian has moved to Berlin and possible locations for the project appeared and disappeared.
The same with people, new faces came and old faces went. This was the price to pay to find the perfect location.
In November 2008 we thought we had found the perfect space and most of the people involved at that time had moved out of their flats to move in. Due to complications with the contract at some point we were not able to get the deposit together any more.
At that point I already had been "homeless" for more than 4 weeks, had surfed more than 15 couches in Berlin.
As I was studying and in very high need of private sphere there was only one solution for me:
To find another flat as soon as possible!

Since December 2008 I have been living in a Couchsurfing friendly flat in Berlin-Wedding where I hosted more than 50 people during the Berlin WinterCamp. My guests of those days gave the flat the name: "The End of the World". Even that I am living somewhere else I still see myself as part of the project.

As i am moving for half a year to Serbia in March 2009 my involvement in the project won't be so big in the near future but I instantly hope this will change when I will return to Berlin in autumn.

If you want to find out more about me check out my Couchsurfing or my Facebook profile.