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Week plan: 10th Moon cycle, 2nd Quarter, Crescent to Full Moon

posted Sep 28, 2009, 1:45 AM by Unknown user
We are, among a great many other things, very happy to be alive.  At least I am...

The full moon is approaching... another moon will have gone and another 28 days to reflect on...

My experience returning to Berlin this week was a powerful one, a very insightful and meaningful one.  The most important part of the experience was that I truly felt as if I was going Home, and not only felt it, for it was true.  I was homesick for this place, so very excited to get back, to be among the family that lives here and the way of life that we all share.  It was a definite experience for me, a strong decisive experience that has led me to believe that yes, these things can work.  The house here was not begun by me, nor will it be fulfilled by me, nor will it rely on me to exist, soley.  It is a idea that lives in all of us here.  As I feel, this project is a success.  I know that this statement is not shared by everyone, in fact, it may even be uncoming to mention this to some; yet nevertheless, it is how I feel.  A home has been created here; not only for me, but for the hundreds of people that have passed through and for the hundreds that will continue to pass through.  It is more then a sentiment, it is a great wonder and a high form of kindness and merriment.  The simply fact that I, among a great many others, feels as if they have a home in Berlin is proof enough that this has worked.  The lost emotion of having no home does not exist here, nor should it have ever existed.  As this house has been home to me so it will be home to those who need a home.  There is no catch involved, there is no false form, nor false ideas.  We are here, all, and together; it is simply that, and it is simply for that wherein I have found my inspiration and I have found my home.  Are we not to be open to all people?  And obviously I understand that this can misread as many things, but in this form, are we not to be open and a home to all people?  Meaning that, yes, sometimes we cannot share this place with as many people that would like to stay here; nevertheless, the intention is still the same, and the formation of it is too.  Although we are full, it should not be us that says no, it should be those who come and realise that their need is lesser then those who are there now.  For example, today and tonight, we may be too many for the house, 24 and counting.  This does not intimidate me, nor frustrate me, in fact, it motivates me.  I will gladly give my sleeping space to one who needs it more, for my Need is not as great as some others.  Half of those who have arrived in the last few days had no place to stay at all; lost at night with no home.  To say no to these people is a form of madness that I am not willing to even consider subscribing too.  Maybe we can't all fit here; nevertheless, the first one to leave tonight will be me and not those who know not this city.  This is my home, and it should be theirs, as long as our considerations are all equally judged.  We have many people interested in the project, so would say too many.  No one here is, by my judgement, here to simply be here in Berlin; no, each of them expressed and have displayed their interest in experiencing the project and in contributing to the project.  I see this as a success; for we are larger then ever before, and more like-minded, and if this means anything to me it means that these communities can work, and that they shall work, and that by finding possibly another place to sleep tonight or being very cozy with those next to me, I shall wake in the morning with a air so sweet around me reminding me that this collective is working, and may in fact be working too well. 

Short List

-German, 8 hours a day
-Continuing the development of a sustainable living plan
-Introducing Sebestians flat into the project, if he be still so willing 
-Organise meeting, and continue with Clayton the insights into the Finance situation in the house.