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Week plan: 9th Full moon to 9th Waning moon, 3rd quarter

posted Sep 7, 2009, 4:46 AM by Unknown user
The moon is full today, it reminds me of where I was one month ago, exactly; deep in Nature. 

I began this moon cycle by arriving in Berlin and by settling in.  Both accomplished tasks.  As my plan for the rest of the moon cycle, I hope to continue le rhythme that I've started with my German and to progress further with my ideas and thoughts for the project.  As well, continue the Morning Meditation that we've instigated.

Short list: 

-German, 8 hours a day
-Deal with beg bug issue and achieve Berlin connue hygenique conditions
-Organize a cleaning schedule sheet for the Bathrooms
-Throw out all things that we don't need
-Begin work on the SHE conference with Pascal and find ANYA!
-Put more work into website, 5 or 6 hours this quarter
-Find work? Go pick grapes?
-talk to lucian