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Week plan: 9th Moon Cycle, Waning to New Moon, 4th quarter

posted Sep 13, 2009, 3:09 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 13, 2009, 1:34 AM ]
After a certain uncertainty about my immediate future here in Berlin (which was mostly based on my finacial sustainablity), I found a way to fund myself for some time to come, which means that I can devote myself entirely to the things that I want to be commited to.  German, The project's (PV house, TSOlife, She Conference, and ...) and school work! Das Leben is schOn.  So, instead of chasing a mad job in Switzerland I am now going to Amsterdam for a few days, most likely leaving tomorrow, to firstly, pick up my brother from the airport and set him up for his BIG TRIP, and secondly, explore theCASA and their model. 

Short List

-Pick up Julien in Amsterdam
-Study and experience the CASA
-Continue the German, although, considering the situation, give priority to JULES
-Feiern das Leben, sechsmal

Exciting! So, with that in plan for the next moon quarter let's reflect on the one that just passed.  

Tea Leaves... last week's list.
-German, 8 hours a day
-Deal with beg bug issue and achieve Berlin connue hygenique conditions
-Organize a cleaning schedule sheet for the Bathrooms
-Throw out all things that we don't need
-Begin work on the SHE conference with Pascal and find ANYA!
-Put more work into website, 5 or 6 hours this quarter
-Find work? Go pick grapes?
-talk to lucian

In respect to my tasks set for myself I feel rather accomplished in most of them.  The German has been, as we say here, Brill.  I'm advancing, schell, and I am glad for that.  The approach that Fabrice explained to me, wherein one simply chooses one subject and keeps at it 8 to 16 hours a day, is an approach that I find useful.  It reminds me of Vipassana, or of other examples in my life; that everyday one rebegins and for the first moments, or hours, one is continuing along the same path one has already stepped the day before, or one is packing all ones things from the camp before; and in these first moments or first hours, the studying is good; however, it may not be advancement so much as neccesity, as it is when one is packing ones things, for we are not advancing any further down the path, yet we soon will be able to; likewise, as the studying progresses, overcoming the first moments or hours, real advancement comes, real new knowledge is seen and tasted, the hiker begins to walk past where he could see the day before and is exposed to a surreal reality that he has never before seen, an unknown mountain or forest.  So what does this mean?  Can we spend every day, a few moments a day, try to learn something, trying to pack our bag; and then stop and wait until tomorrow to begin again, will we not always be packing our bag then?  taking the first while simply getting ready for the embarkment, only to make camp again, with hardly any steps taken?  I am beginning to think not.  I'd rather be up before the sun and walking into the sunrise then to have the great star high above my head waiting for me to stir. 

Bed bugs... the attack has been made.  Although all the tools have not arrived, and we couldn't complete the work, we still have a rather cleaner house and a few steps taken. 

Bathroom - waiting for the cleaning to be done

We threw a good pile and there's mroe to come!

Met Anya, began a relationship, a beautiful strong girl she is; inspiring and visionary.  More work to be made for the agenda and for the organization

Website... didn't put much time into it, in fact, none!  I guess this counts now...

Work?  Forget it!  I have no time for work.  I dealt with my finiancial situation and am now free to achieve!

Lucian... not yet.