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Why is it written "Italien" on the toilet paper?

posted Sep 16, 2009, 2:20 AM by Unknown user

lol :-)

bye bye! im going to Lyon, coming back sunday!

je vous aime tous!


posted Sep 12, 2009, 1:16 PM by Unknown user


i finished my TEFL diploma!!!!



ps, i am considering becoming vegan.... but i like chocolate and cheese too much :-(

euh? ... aaaaah??

posted Aug 16, 2009, 1:28 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 25, 2009, 2:05 AM by Lucian Cosinschi ]

Dear everybody,
first of all,
i finally have time to read about all of you and to try to use this website!!! (its my first time using it alone!!!)
i hope you are all doing great!
i just wanted to say few things that i really appreciated, or not...in the past few days!!!
- i loved my mother Theresa taking the time to correct my essays! (lets go to Dr Pong soon!)
- i loved my daddy Lucian setting a computer for me, and motivating me to study! (im going to study now, just after writing this, i swear daddy!!)
- i loved him saying that i didnt have to help cleaning up if i had to study; "that's why we live together, to help each other"
- i loved Daan sleeping in the dorm with us, and being so cute missing his Tau (is she back???)
- i want to join for the 50 minutes looking at naked Tau in the morning! we should do that every monday morning instead of the early breakfast!!! lol)
- by the way, i will dream about you while you'll have breakfast tomorrow morning
- i loved Christian being so nice and patient and available and nice
- i loved Uri taking time to teach me how to ride a bike (you'll never stop hearing about that!)
- i loved Naomie's crazy and funny stories and being so distracted!! (are we still on diet? oups! did you study?)
- i wish i was there for Kenst "Cradle to Cradle", hope to see on your face that you got the internship!!
- i love Keinst's dance!
- i hope Timmy got better
- i loved Theresa shirt "welcome in new york, now go home", i will still tell you that each time you'll wear it!
- i loved Paul's irish monkey banana shirt, i think we should all bodypaint you with banana painting
- i loved the hannah workshop and falling asleep on the couch while Vicky and Manuel were tatooing me!
- i loved Clayton hitchhiking to Morocco! sounded so crazy, i love it! i hope you're well! Maken mouchkil!
- i miss my twin brother Fabio!
- i love going to Stockholm with all of you for 5.20€ (2€ plane ticket+ 2.10€ for the s-bahn ticket + 1.10€ for the Schokocroissant i will get for each of us = 1 döner with french fries in paris!)
- i loved the vagina glass back in the bathroom!!! ;-)
- i love my timetable to organise myself! thx Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn!!!!
- i love the orange pentapus!! so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
- i didnt like so much the wedding where i went, as i expected, people are so unsympathetic... whatever, i survived!im having a great time in france apart from that!! visiting familly and friends, its weird to think i am in "my" country... i feel less and less french... is it bad?
- i think there is a mosquito (or something else) nest in "my" bed at pv, as i didnt stop scratching myself since tuesday, and i have mosquito bites everywhere in my back! :-(
- i didn't like going to the swimming pool at 8 am on saturday morning and it was closed!
- i love this house for opening more and more my mind about life, people, cultures, behaviours, way of feeling, of sharing, of caring, of living together, of travelling...
- i love to say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
- i love to listen 26 times a day "boa sorte"
- i love to wake up and smile
- i love chocolate
my to do list for this week:
- studying IN PROCESS!!!!!!
- finding an open swimmingpool NOT YET
- studying
- go to the french ambassy DONE
- studying
- working in the italian restaurant close to the house in danziger strasse! if you want to come!! IN PROCESS
- studying
- volunteering in oxfam saturday morning (10 to 2pm) if you want to come by, and a lot of things are half price now!!!
- studying
- looking for a job NOT YET
- studying
- finishing the book i began 4 months ago IN PROCESS
- studying
- cooking either sushi, thai curry, crepe or stuffed grape leaves NOT YET
- studying
- doing stretching for my back in the morning IN PROCESS
- studying
- learning arabic NOT YET
- studying
- doing a how-to-save-water-when-doing-the-dishes workshop IN PROCESS (a bit with Daan yesterday evening)
- studying
- being more realistic and stop thinking i have time for all of that!!!!! NOT YET
see you in few days!* T*A*K*E**C*A*R*E*

Washing Machine Alert

posted Jul 29, 2009, 9:07 AM by tau@projectvolunteering.net   [ updated Jul 29, 2009, 4:25 PM by Lucian Cosinschi ]

so the guys came for the washing machine and said that we have to empty the panel on the front of the machine every 10 to 15 washes.
apparently we didnt do that and thats why it was broken
they said if we dont do that and have another similar problem with the machine it wont be covered by the warranty...

there is a little drawing inside when you open the door of the panel on the front of the machine that explains how to do it exactly, i have no idea!



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